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We are getting regular such FAQ that what is difference between IELTS Academic writing and General training writing. IELTS Academic writing is for those who are planning to for student visa but IELTS General training writing is for those who are writing this exam for permanent residences. Our best IELTS coaching in Gurgaon conducts customized and result-oriented classes on weekdays and over weekends namely Saturdays and Sundays.

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IELTS Academic writing This task is the composition of two types of questions First is describe an image/s, You have to write a minimum 150 words during the time of 20 minutes. Your presentation will be graded on the basis of various factors. There is a rubric that every examiner need to follow when they are grading your writing task. In "IELTS coaching in Gurgaon" you will learn how to write for IELTS task one that may be a bar graph, picture, process chart, map, pie chart, Venn diagram or any other thing. If you do not have command over grammar, vocab, or spelling then no need to worry. Because our IELTS trainers are well experienced, trained and certified by examination bodies. Therefore they will help you. We have prepared the study materials according to IELTS examinees experience. Such study material is a Band booster for every IELTS aspirant. For online students also, this IELTS coaching centre has developed a proficient learning platform.

Second is essay writing. Usually, the writing topic for IELTS academic and IELTS General training will be different but the formation and drafting rules are the same. Here, you have to write a minimum 250 words and you will have time for 40 minutes to complete this task. Our trainers are developing your natural writing style because writing templates are not acceptable by both examination bodies. It makes the best IELTS Coaching Center one of the most prestigious after IELTS Coaching institute in

IELTS essay writing topics for the academic exam will be based on educational topics or situations in technological and learning environmental issues. Write drafting answer for an essay, an examinee must be careful about the question's requirement because irrelevant essay writing topic will be penalized by the examiner. Apart from this, answers are fulfilling the requirement of IELTS rubrics then it will be degraded again. Your answer should be to the topic, according to the requirement of the question. If you are getting a regular assessment and practise with the Best IELTS coaching in Gurgaon then only one-month preparation is more than enough for IELTS Academic writing practise. Here, examinees are doing writing practise with latest exam questions.

IELTS General training writing This test is for a total of 60 minutes that you can divide into two-part. First is the letter writing. It is of three types, Formal letter writing, Semi-formal letter writing and informal letter writing. Before drafting an answer, you should recognize the type of letter writing. Experienced trainers in the Best IELTS coaching in Gurgaon, teach you how to identify the type of letter in IELTS writing exam. In letter writing, candidate will be provided for a situation which

may be related to inquiry, complain or suggestion. There will be various bullet points in each situation. Your answers must quality all points. Here, the considerable phenomenon is the starting and ending. Do not you any template because your IELTS examiner is well trained, experienced and educated. They are professional to recognize templates. Our trainers in this best IELTS coaching in Gurgaon, are experienced they are like real examiner of IELTS exams because they are well trained.

Your letter writing should be on the topic with a wide range of vocabulary, During the writing, keep you eyes on grammar also because wrong grammar and formation will be panelized. For free sample questions of IELTS letter writing, you can call on the helpline number +9198-1800-3235.