format IELTS reading with best IELTS coaching center arrima in gurgaon

IELTS Reading with the best IELTS coaching centre Arrima in Gurgaon

Total time of IELTS reading is 60 minutes for both types of IELTS exams namely IELTS General Training and IELTS Academic. During this time interval, you have read the question and solve it. after that candidate need to transfer the answer to the answer sheet. Details experience of IELTS exam can be gained with The Best IELTS Coaching in Gurgaon.

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Both Student visa and immigration visa, you have to write IELTS ACADEMIC and IELTS General training respectively

Candidate need to solve various types of activities like True-false-not Given
Fill the blanks
Match the questions and answers
One word answers
Two words answer
Three or four words answers
Words and numbers
Flow chart fill-up
Table, diagram and process fillup
Heading types of questions and many others

The difficulty level of Academic reading contain is higher than the difficulty of IELTS General Training but the score is just different

If you want to target IELTS Band 8 in GT then minimum 37 questions should be correct but if the same goal you want to achieve for IELTS Academic then IELTS Aspirant should correct minimum 35 questions.

Now the picture is clear that why someone needs to write IELTS Academic and Why you should write IELTS GT Do not think that what is easier. Is it IELTS Academic easy than IELTS General training Reading question? The answer is that Cambridge grading system is affecting IELTS result.

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